Me and my fiancee Christine

Me and my fiancee Christine

Dr. John Graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania with a bachelors degree in Chemistry and a concentration in Biochemistry as well as a bachelors degree in Biology with a concentration in Microbiology.  He later studied at Sherman College of Chiropractic where he earned the degree Doctor of Chiropractic in 2013.

Work history

While in Chiropractic school Dr. John attended three mission trips to Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  Upon graduation he took a position working in Santiago, D.R. for several months until having to return home to Pennsylvania.  Here he worked as a Chiropractor for two years delivering Chiropractic Adjustments to the Amish Communities of Western Pennsylvania, some days caring for as many as 15 families in one day. In Oct. 2015, Dr. John handed his practice over to a close friend Dr. Nico Rocco and headed West to Carson City, where he currently lives, works, and plays.


Dr. John Loves being outdoorsy with his family.  Frequently they snowboard, hike, ride bikes, fish, and travel.  Dr. John enjoys cooking and, believe it or not, spending time doing his job adjusting people.