New Location!!!

Hi all!!  

This week I am opening a new office location from my home is Dayton!   Not only will a be giving chiropractic adjustments in Carson City, but I will be the only chiropractor in Dayton Nevada as well.  Photos and testimonials to follow!

the address of the new office is 150 Northpointe Cir. Ct. Dayton Nv 89403 

for the first month, adjustments will be $40 with no new patient exam fee!!

Its the best deal in Dayton!!

necessity vs. luxury

Chiropractic care is thought of by many as a luxury, much like the luxury or eating GMO free and organic food.   Oddly enough, in our TV and microwave society, I am inclined to agree with some.  For many folks, they really don't need a fit and healthy body in order to use their technology and to gratify their urges for entertainment.


But for those of us who do need our bodies to be healthy so that we can work and play with the energy that we require for years and years, chiropractic care is a necessity.   The nervous system heals and commands every part of our body.  It retains memories and forms thoughts and ideas.  It controls the secretion or enzymes in our saliva and stomach to digest food.  It stimulates our adrenaline when we see danger, and our nervous system relaxes us by slowing our hearts when its time to sleep.  Yes, a fully functioning nervous system is imperative to long term quality of life.  And for those of us who require just that, we need to make sure that our spines protect the nerves in the spinal cord, rather than interfere with their function.   

So be safe out there, eat healthy, and make sure that sure your spine is in adjustment.  It's the only one that you'll get.


Chiropractic adjustment removes pressure from the neck in arthritic patient

Warning - if you are squeemish, do not watch this video

but if you would like to see a demonstration of what chiropractic can do for anyone suffering from vertebral subluxation, you are welcome to watch.

This patient presented with severe pain.  Most days, she reports that she has an unbearable headache and has had medicine's best attempts to fix it, but has gotten no relief.  

In this video, the patient was kind enough to allow me to take and share, her atlas is adjusted.  The atlas is the first bone in the neck and, as you can hear from the pop, the bone was stuck very far out of place and a tremendous amount of pressure had built up in her neck.

Afterwards, the patient reported that she felt much better.

Carson City Chiropractor Still Rocking and Rolling Helping Many Be Well!

Hello Carson City!

Maybe you are looking to heal yourself so that you can be healthy.  Folks today suffer from back pain, headaches, and neck aches to name a few common issues and often times they aren't sure whether they should use a chiropractor or not.  Ironically, most people are trying to live a normal happy life without drugs or surgery.  The fascinating part about chiropractic is that with non-invasive techniques, chiropractors can make adjustments to peoples spines that allow them to get over their back aches, headaches and neck pain.  

The chiropractic adjustment uses a rapid yet shallow force to reposition a misaligned spinal bone.  This is a physical solution to a physical problem.  Imagine trying to move a misaligned bone with aspirin.... or hydrocodone.  Chiropractic is the solution.  

The solution to what you ask?  What can a misaligned bone cause?  Could my problem be caused by a misaligned bone in my spine?

Please let me explain; your body is made up of a nervous system and many other systems that act to support the nervous system.  For example; your brain perceives everything that happens to you, but for your brain to work, it needs oxygen.  In this sense, the heart helped to operated the brain by supplying blood to it.  But your brain also needs a supply of energy, so we have muscle and bones that allow us to move and gather food that we digest and use to fuel the brain...  the brain also regulates healing and body temperature, rest and excitement activities, and so on and so forth.  

please see the image below to help understand this

When bones of the spine misalign, the can affect the brain and screw up virtually anything that the brain is trying to get the body to do.  The only way to know if this is happening or not is to see a chiropractor.

But maybe your problem stems from a nutritional issue.  Chances are that chiropractor could help with that also.

At our clinic, we also work with a massage therapist and an M.D. who utilizes Western Medicine along with acupuncture.  


Understanding back pain and Adjustments

This talks about how backs are fixed.  It states that in 4 adjustments over two weeks patients who were given adjustments with a thrust, eg 'cracked', had the same result as those that were treated with a technique that does not 'crack' the back.  Just goes to show that chiropractors who practice true chiropractic can help people whether they adjust gently or not.

This says that if you back does fail in the form of a disc herniation, the injury will happen close to the spinal cord or spinal nerves.  Either type of injury is dangerous and will likely require the aid of one who is very familiar with this type of injury such as a chiropractor or a spinal surgeon...  which one would you rather see?  have your spine checked and adjusted before it is too late.

What to do about a bad back??

Consumer reports has some insight into chiropractic!

I am sure that if they came to Carson City they would have had even better results since the chiropractors here are EXCELLENT!!

If you are wondering if you should have an adjustment or not, have an evaluation done.  X-rays are pretty safe these days and even without them you and your chiropractor can figure out if you can benefit from chiropractic in only a few minutes.

AND, if you are already getting adjusted but are thinking of trying myself or another carson city chiropractor...GOOD FOR YOU!!  Second opinions can be invaluable!  Always get them!

Chiropractic for pregnancy

Chiropractic has been shown time and time again to be safe and helpful before during and after pregnancy.  It has proven itself time and time again that chiropractors help even the youngest of kids.  The youngest child that I personally ever adjusted was 1 day old, however, I have heard of several chiropractors adjusting children that were minutes or even only seconds old.  
There is a lot of fear around this stuff, but rest assured, most chiropractors are big loving teddy bears that are great at taking care of people.  Children are adjusted gently and delicately and respond to the adjustment even faster than adults... They get better quicker since they are so 'fresh,' and because their chiropractic adjustments are so gentle, there is little to no risk.   

And so if you are curious, ask around.  You might be surprised how many parents get their children adjusted by chiropractors.  You might also be surprised at how many mom's swear by chiropractic and wouldn't even think of going through another pregnancy without getting adjusted.

And, as always, Call or email with questions.