Adjustments of the spine are made to correct vertebral subluxation.  Subluxated spinal bones are those that interfere with the proper function of the nervous system. The slight displacement of bones that have become subluxated will result in tight muscles, improper flexibility of the joint, and swelling.  

Left out of place long enough, the condition of subluxation in the spine can lead to pain, arthritis, bulged discs, headaches, weakness, changes in sensation and more.   

Bones of the spine become subluxated when stresses put on the area overwhelm the joint and it cannot maintain its balance.  Some examples of stresses put on the spine are posture, injuries (old and new), overworking, lack of exercise, dehydration, exposure to toxins and more.  

Though many of these stresses have already damaged a person, the extent of their damage to the body can be minimized with Chiropractic care.

This is an example of a chiropractor conducting a typical office visit adjustment.  Once subluxations have been identified, correcting them with adjustments is simple, safe, and commonly feels better.
This is one of my favorite chiropractors, Roger Powell

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